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Loan rules

1. CJSC Kreditny Soyuz grants micro-credits for consumer needs to individuals being citizens of the Russian Federation registered in one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and/or boroughs and towns listed in clause 7 of these Rules.

2. The micro-credit is to be granted without any collateral or surety.

3. The person who is interested in obtaining a micro-credit shall personally appear before one of the additional offices of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz, fill in a micro-credit application form and if the decision is made to award the micro-credit the individual must get acquainted with and sign all the necessary documents including the micro-credit agreement and if necessary perform other actions as required by these Rules and/or the applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

4. The micro-credit is granted in cash on the day of submitting by the individual the application for the micro-credit or at the borrower’s wish and upon the CJSC Kreditny Soyuz’s decision by transmitting funds to the borrower’s credit card within possibly short time necessary for completing this transaction. The total time required for the whole procedure from submitting the micro-credit application, its consideration, decision making whether to award the micro-credit or decline the micro-credit application up to preparation of the whole set of necessary documents (in case of awarding the micro-credit) takes not more than 1 (one) hour after submitting the micro-credit application.

5. The micro-credit agreement is made in a simple written form in two equal exemplars, one for each Party, and signed by the borrower and the authorized representative of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz.

6. Taking into consideration the conditions of awarding micro-credits by CJSC Kreditny Soyuz, i.e. the repayment of the micro-credit and interests accrued is made in one lump-sum and the Borrower when signing the micro-credit agreement gives its consent to these conditions and the repayment scheme.

7. The micro-credit is to be awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation being fully capable and registered in one of the following constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Moscow Region, Sankt-Petersburg, Leningrad Region and in one of the following towns: Tver, Krasnodar, Ryazan, Veliky Novgorod, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Tula, Lipetsk, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Naberezhny Chelny, Saratov, Engels in Saratov Region, Nizhni Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Cheboksary, Volgograd, Novokuznetsk, Petrozavodsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Barnaul, Pskov, Asrakhan, Magnitogorsk, Tumen, Kaluga, Saransk, Volzhskiy, Ufa, Perm, Kaliningrad, Smolensk, Izhevsk, Kurgan, Orenburg, Penza, Nijniy Tagil, Kemerovo, Taganrog, Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Togliatti, Shahty, Irkutsk. The applicants must be from 20 – 60 years old.

8. The micro-credit application is accepted for consideration and the micro-credit awarding procedure is entered only after the applicant – citizen of the Russian Federation registered in one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and/or boroughs /towns listed in clause 7 above proved to the authorized person of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz on the basis of the original Russian passport to be the person appeared to the official and also one of the following documents listed below in the order of priority:
8.1. the document evidencing the ownership right to the car (car registration certificate);
8.2. the valid travel passport that expires at least six months after the application date;
8.3. the driver’s license;
8.4. the Moscvich social card or any similar document common in other constituent entities of the Russian Federation or communities listed in clause 7 of these Rules;
8.5. the pension certificate;
8.6. the insurance policy of the state pension insurance;
8.7. the military card;
8.8. the certificate on TIN allocation.

9. The Borrower gives its consent that the authorized person of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz makes the photo of the borrower and attaches it to the micro-credit application and copy (scan) from the submitted documents (filled in pages). All the Borrower’s personal data shall be kept in the data base of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz that undertakes to keep the personal data in secret and not disclose them to third persons except for checks of the data contained in the micro-credit application and unless the personal data are to be disclosed at the request of the competent authorities and /or local government authorities and/or unless the disclose is needed for protection of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz interests and/or for restoration of its infringed rights and in other cases as provided for by these Rules or by the micro-credit agreement. The borrower gives also his/her irrevocable consent that his/her personal data may be processed and kept in the data base of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz to be used for information purposes; his/her personal data on debts under the micro-credit agreement may be processed as legally allowed to secure the performance of the liabilities under the micro-credit agreement by the borrower or through any third persons instead of the borrower.

10. The minimum amount of the micro-loan is 3 000 (three thousand) rubles. When the first application The Borrower may qualify for a microloan amounts to 10 000 (ten thousand). In secondary treatment, given the proper performance of the Borrower obligations under the first contract, he has the right to apply for micro-loans of up to 20 000 (twenty thousand). The amount of micro-loans in the amount of 20,000 (twenty thousand) to 30,000 (thirty thousand) is provided for the third and subsequent calls for obtaining a microloan borrower under proper conditions for the execution of the previous two or more contracts. The amount of micro-loans to 50 000 (fifty thousand) can be provided to the Borrower subject to the proper performance of at least the five micro-loan in the history of the Borrower, the last three of which were made in the amount of not less than 30 000 (thirty thousand). The amount of micro-loans of claim 10 and claim 11 of this Regulation is a multiple of 1 000 (one thousand) rubles.

11. The maximum amount of the micro-loan is 50 000 (fifty thousand).

12. On the same calendar day only one micro-credit agreement may be signed with the same borrower.

13. The repayment period is from 7 (seven) up to 21 (twenty one) calendar days.

14. Interests shall be accrued on the micro-credit amount for use at the rate 2.5% (two point five) per a day.

15. The official of CJSC Kreditny Soyuz is entitled to reject the application for micro-credit according to the applicable laws and regulations.

16. In case of the default by the borrower on the micro-credit CJSC Kreditny Soyuz is entitled to remedies which the borrower may exercise under the applicable laws to protect the borrower’s rights and legal interests and also in the judicial way.

Dear Borrower! We ask you kindly to observe clause 16 of the Rules and comply with the repayment term and conditions in avoidance of any disputes and additional expenses.

We are prepared to support you financially in the best possibly way and wish prosperity for you!

Faithfully yours,
CJSC Kreditny Soyuz