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Protect yourself and your liabilities

The company "Money rent" offers an insurance product from accidents on the unique insurance program. Anyone wishing to make an insurance program against accidents may contact any office of the Company, "Money rent." This program will help you to effectively protect yourself from unforeseen consequences, which may be essential for you to comply with your liabilities. This unique insurance solution, which has no analogues. Wide enough coverage to 100 000 at amazing low price of 150 rubles. Protection lasts for 24 hours a day worldwide. Registration takes less than 5 minutes, does not require a medical examination and additional documents.

Insurance options

Contract time

Insurance fee (cost)

Insurance sum (amount of payment)

7 - 12 days

150 rubles

100 000 rubles

13 - 16 days

200 rubles

100 000 rubles

17 - 21 days

250 rubles

100 000 rubles

90 days

700 rubles

100 000 rubles

180 days

1 200 rubles

100 000 rubles

365 days

2 200 rubles

100 000 rubles

Insurance cover

Insurance risks

Insurance payment

The death of in an accident

100 000 rubles

Full permanent disability (disability group 1 and 2) as a result of an accident

100 000 rubles

Temporary loss of ability to work with hospitalization due to accident Up to 100 000 rubles (according to the paytable)

The insurance program provides Insurance Company "Allianz".

Insurance is optional. Refusal to purchase insurance program does not affect the outcome of the application for microloan.